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Kids grow up with all these technologies like smartphones, tablets, laptops and computer games but often they do not understand how things got build and how they work. That is because they stay only users depending upon specialists and predefined construction kits.

In erfindergarden we want to change that and help kids and teenagers overcome the first hurdle in understanding the technology. We show them with interesting projects how to use and change the tools of the 21st century. They will build their own construction kit so that they can unleash their creativity and invent their own world and become the next inventors and maker, Furthermore we do not only want to teach them tools but rather we want to teach them to make mistakes, fail and risk something, trust in themselves as well as the resilience to push to finish a project.

We believe this is the way kids will develop their own character not depended on somebodies instructions.

Since August 2016 we have opened our own lab in Munich. It is a mix of Fab Lab, hackerspace and playground. We have all kinds of machines and tools like 3D printers, vinyl cutter, milling machines, Raspberry Pis, robots and drones. Since January 2017 we have a lasercutter and a big milling machine. You find a complete overview on our machine pages.

The big kids at the garden are programmers (Joseph),  artists-makers (Andreas) and a growing community of friends of erfindergarden. Its not that we want to keep the knowledge to ourselves but we want to pass it along to the kids and teenagers and share as much as we can as open source on GitHub.  We are no teachers but also students and learn as much from the kids as we teach them.

In 2017 we plan to create a non-profit of erfindergarden.

Isar Fab Lab

We are one of over 1000 Fab Labs listed and the second  Fab Lab in Munich very close to the river Isar. We follow the FabCharter and are also Fabacademy Node in 2016. Fab Academy is the official training program and taught by the initiator of the Fab Lab movement Neil Gershenfield in a 5 month course. The lectures are broadcasted via videoconference with weekly assignments that have to be completed with the machines in our Fab Lab.  More info on our Fab Academy landingpage .

We are in regular contact with other labs, like the Fab Lab Berlin, Fab Lab Barcelona and the Fab Lab Kamp-Linfort and are looking forward to visits from other labs or any makers that visit Germany. Contact us and we try to make your stay in Munich awesome.



Big kids are invited to come to our Inventor Night every Wednesday evening. There is an open night if we do not have a workshop at the same time You can find all events on our Facebooksite or on Eventbrite. We tell you more about the erfindergarden and what a Fab Lab is all about. Come by and get to know our community and see what machines we have in the lab.


Our kids and adults workshops are listed under Events.


Come regularly to our open nights and get to know people from our community and invent something with us. Maybe we will invite you to become a member. As a member, you are expected to contribute to garden and help with a kids workshop from time to time.

Friends of erfindergarden

Is a membership too much commitment for you? But you like our work with kids and teenager and believe in our concept then support us with a small monthly amount and become a friend of erfindergarden. More Info about this here.


Our Inventions